I noticed this morning while getting dressed for work that I am about to run out of deodorant.  I mentally made note so that next time I was at the store I could pick up some.  Well, I was at Walmart on my lunch hour and remembered that I needed to pick up my deodorant.  I knew exactly what I needed so this should have been a simple task.  To my surprise when I got to the deodorant isle, they no longer sell my kind. 

Now, there is only one deodorant that I have used for the last 15 years because I thought I had found the best, it met my needs and I stuck with it.  SECRET!  THEY DIDN’T HAVE IT!!!  It wasn’t just sold out, there wasn’t even a slot for it.  Yes, they had all the other Secret products but not the one that has kept me dry during the most important days of my life.  i.e. wedding day, the births of my children, etc….  I am so upset.  I ended up buying a different brand altogether.  I was just mad at Secret for taking my favorite deodorant off the market.  Now, I haven’t tried other stores but if Walmart doesn’t have it I’m afraid the others won’t either.  Why?  Why?  Why?  You find something you like and they snatch it away from you!!!  Anyway, I just don’t know what I will do.  I’m going to try this new brand and hope that I don’t have wet spots under my arms in the days to come.  I’ll let you know how it all turns out.

P.S.  I was originally at Walmart to buy a new book that a friend told me about.  I am already hooked on it and I only read the first few chapters.  I will give you heads up on it later.

P.S.S.  I have no idea why my words are being underlined and why I can’t find a button to make it stop!! 



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Isn’t it crazy that I would like Hurricanes?  I guess it’s just all the excitement that comes along with thinking it may come our way.  I definatley wouldn’t want another Hugo but a catagory 1 or 2 would be okay.   I can remember as a 13 year old packing up and leaving for Hugo.  Our whole family was going and we ended up in a hotel in Columbia.  Well, the roof of the hotel across the street from us blew off during the night due to a tornado.  I think it is just as safe to stay home then to go to where the tornadoes are. 

I like getting to stay home in the dark and play games or listen to the radio.  It slows us down from our everyday routine of being in a rush.  You have to talk and spend time with your family because there’s nothing else to do. 

Another fond memory was during Floyd when I went with Allen’s family to Georgia.  We started out in a hotel but ended up in a nice vacation home on the lake.  We spent like 5 days and turned our hurricane excape into a vacation.  It was too fun!

Anyway, you probably think I am crazy!  I have the hurricane tracking chart on my desk at work and I am watching the weather channel as I type.  Excitement is in the air!! 

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My First Blog

Okay, so I decided that I would get on the band wagon and start blogging.  Allen, my hubby, is so into this that I thought I would join him.  I won’t be writing as funny or as well as him, but I will be sharing my everyday thoughts and Struggles.  So let the blogging begin……

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