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“The Shack”


I was so excited Monday about getting to the store to buy this new book.  A friend had told me about it at church Sunday.  After reading the first chapter online, I was hooked and had to have it.  I just finished it today.  I can’t believe I read a whole book in 2 days but it was way to good to put down.

This book has changed my life!  I will never think the same way again.  Example:  I always thought things should be prioritized (God, Family, work, etc.).  Well, now instead of God being first he should be in the middle of everything.  I mean nothing exist without Him, right?  He should be in all of my relationships not just the one with Him but with my husband, children, and friends.  And then, there is my favorite quote from the book “I’m especailly fond of you”  that was spoken by God.  To know that no matter what I do in life “Papa” is fond of me and I can never go too far from His love. 

I can’t even come up with the words to express my thoughts on such a great novel!  I want everyone to get a copy and devour it like I have.  It has consumed me for the last 2 days. 

So, whatever you are doing right now, stop and go get a copy of “The Shack”.  You could borrow mine but I think Allen is anxiously awaiting his turn.  Walmart (remember the deodorant story) has a bunch of them.  They are $10 and some change.  A minimum amount of money for something that you will NEVER forget. 

Please share your thoughts after the read.


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