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This picture explains it all.  I don’t even know how many of these I took from 8:00 am yesterday to 3:30 am today.  I had the worse headache ever!  After throwing up twice and taking tons of medication, I feel a little better today.  However, today has become a headache in itself.  Nothing is going right and everything is getting under my skin.  Maybe it’s the lack of sleep last night or that I haven’t ate since yesterday at lunch, either way, I am so frustrated!  I should be happy, right?  It’s Friday.  Well, I have to work tomorrow and after work my day is full until late tomorrow night.  There is no rest for the weary!  I know I am rabbling but I had to get all of it out. 

On the up side, I do have our Dynamic Marriage class at church tonight and Allen and I are riding on the motorcycle.  I am also a Daughter not an orphan of the Father!  So, the day is not totally ruined.  Thanks for letting me vent!


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