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Blog addiction



I am addicted!  To what?  Reading other people’s blogs.  It is the craziest thing.  I feel like I am reading their diaries and I’m all up in people’s business I don’t even know.  I started reading blogs posted by an acquitance and then her blog linked me to all these other blogs and so my saga began. 

I love seeing how other people live, shop, decorate, etc.  Most of the blogs I read are from stay at home Mom’s which has always been something I would love to do.  They post pictures of the family and their homes.  My favorite were everyone’s Christmas decorations.  I got some great ideas. 

So, I want to start blogging more in hopes that I can be an inspiration to others as all this bloggers have been to me.  It is truly an addiction.  I can’t go a day without seeing what new posts are out there.  I currently look at 15 sites a day.  That could be a whole lot more but I decided to limit myself!  🙂

Anyway, do you read blogs?  Are you obsessed with reading stuff about stranger’s lives as I am?  You are probably thinking I have now lost it, but I just thought I would see if there are other crazy people like me! 


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